Over the past few years, I've tried a few types of blogging. I've tried the technical type articles, high level musings/rants, and everything in between. But lately, I've been feeling an urge to go back to my roots.

So, kicking off with my most recent post (earlier today, in fact) about SQL Server Management Objects, I've decided to focus more on the technical aspects of subjects I have an interest in. But this time, I plan on taking it a bit further.

Austin Powers' voice GitHub baby, yeah.

Essentially, for all the technical entries I attempt from now on, I will be posting my source code for all the world to see. I've decided to go down this path for a couple of reasons;

  1. I don't code much these days. I feel as time goes on, I'm getting rustier and forgetting the interesting - and even the basic - things I've learnt about code over the years. By focusing on more technical articles, and making the effort to post the code online, I believe this will help me sharpen my coding skills and keep it all relatively fresh in my mind.
  2. Slightly to related to item 1, I also want people to suggest improvements to my code. This way I'm learning from people with far more experience than I, and hopefully helping other people out in return with the general content of my work.
    Another thing I've added to my to-do list, is to search for a new blogging engine and hosting provider. While WordPress has been good to me, I'm starting to get an itch that I realise is a general dissatisfaction with the platform and the limitations it imposes (counterpoint; its free, so I understand its a case of you get what you pay for). I think I will have a look into Azure as a host, and a couple of the open source blogging engines I've seen floating around GitHub.

So join me dear reader, on yet another wonderful journey of amusing mistakes and lessons learnt... Now with added shiny code™!