Tonight I attended the Perth .Net User-group, where Joe Albahari was speaking on some of the upcoming features (puns are awesome) in C# 5, specifically the new async and await keywords. It was a very, very interesting night and (thankfully) Joe is a talented speaker, providing clear examples of usage of the new keywords and the concepts and philosophies behind them. There were a couple of really exciting methods in his presentation, one of the ones that stood out to me specifically was around calling several methods with (potentially) different return types and having an enumerable collection of objects at the end of it!! I saw a great deal of potential in this, as well as some of the other .Net 4 related objects (such as Tasks) that he dealt with during his talk.

I will be doing a blog entry this weekend around the new things coming in regards to asynchronous programming in C#5, and things I learn t at the user-group, as well as exploring how these things might be able to help us in our day to day lives.

Night all :)