Stumbled across an article yesterday (cant remember how), which raised the issue of working from home. Now obviously not all careers are suited to this sort of option, but programming definitely is! I like the idea of working from home, I have my fridge close by (as my work fridge is of dubious quality and hygiene), not to mention the possibility of an afternoon siesta!!

Joking of course...

Or am I?! (Ok, I'll be honest, its around 50/50 :P )

But seriously, the idea of working from has always appealed to me, as I work better on my home computer than I do on a work PC. Maybe its a psychological thing, but having everything set just so on my computer (not to mention my home PC is FAR more powerful than anything work can cobble together) would make me feel better when working. And by far the BIGGEST most WONDERFUL perk of working from home? No commute! No traffic, no bus/train, no walking! I get up, walk 5 meters and BAM! Im at work. I have access to a wonderful (hygenic!) coffee machine, with my favourite coffee close to hand, instead of risking it to the many 'coffee' (yes, the inverted commas are slightly sarcastic) shops scattered around Perth.

Now add in to the mix the fact I'm an antisocial person at the best of times (which a good portion of my VERY understanding friends will attest to!), and I truly think working from home would be the thing for me.

Bring on the high speed VPN!!