Im truly, truly looking forward to proper multi monitor support in the next version of Visual Studio. Quite a few developers these days are usually developing in multi screen environment, so its really nice to see MS take notice and actually implement another feature that is just so darn useful!

I love having more than one monitor, not just because Im a greedy so-and-so, but because I truly use the two screens in the best possible way. People that say ‘jeez, why do you need more than one monitor?’ obviously arent developers (or similar)… Even some non-devs are jumping on this bandwagon, with dedicating (for instance) one monitor to a movie/tv show, and the other to browsing the net. Its this beautifully simple example that highlights the benefits of a multi screen environment…

You can do and see more stuff..

Such a simple statement doesn’t quite capture the elegance of a multi-screen environment… its something you just have to use to understand. Once I started doing my dev work with one window dedicated to VS.NET 2008, and the other to SQL Management Studio, I felt like I was in some sort of nirvana where productivity increases and things are just plain fun. That’s right people, I have fun developing in a multi-screen environment. Am I weird for loving this so much? Maybe. But Im ok with that :)

I love seeing a product evolve. I remember the days of VS.NET 2001(?)… Horrible light browns and crappy pixellated icons. Seeing it evolve into the 05 version, and more recently the 08 version is a wonderful thing, and I cant wait to see what else MS has in store for Visual Studio.

In fact, what would be really nice, would be just to take a break from the .NET Framework and just focus on the IDE.

Ah, to dream :)