One thing Ive come to notice since I started this blog, is that writing is bloody hard...

See, now I really enjoy writing. I find myself able to express myself quite clearly through the written word and since starting this blog I feel my writing (both technical and non-technical writing) has improved and I (like to) think some people even enjoy reading it. Writing is fun, because alot like other art forms (of which I consider software development one) you start with a blank canvas/page/screen and you create something.

But, again, writing is hard.

Ive had quite a few posts where inspiration hits and Im madly typing out about 1000 words of writing in 45 mins and at the end I feel pretty darn good about it. I come back to the post a week or so later, look at the post and just think 'um... this is kind of crap'. I find grammatical errors, the odd spelling error and (to me, this is the worst) Ive expressed myself poorly.

It seems that, alot like code actually, the first cut is always pretty crap.

I suppose thats why writers/authors/poets go through several drafts of their work before they consider it submittable. Ive recently being doing a bit of reading on a site called Joel on Software. I find myself inspired by some of his posts... the quality of his writing is a cut above what Ive read so far on the internet and I honestly believe its something we should (bloggers or not) aspire to. This is how I want to be writing.

Im going to be dedicating a bit more time to my blog from now on... The aim is to set a certain amount of time aside per week and actually plan out my posts. Throw ideas around as to what Im going to write, and most importantly do a few drafts before I hit that shiny magical 'Publish' button.

If you feel so inclined, share your writing experiences below and any sites you consider the author to be a darn fine writer.